Intentional Creativity Workshops


Intentional Creativity Workshops

Creativity is essential to life. It sustains us with inspiration and joy, enabling us to step forward into our passion as whole beings. It shows us how to move through the dark times in our lives.

What happens in an Intentional Creativity workshop?

W begin with a Red Thread circle, set intention, paint and write. The best part? NO experience needed. I employ the teachings of Intentional Creativity and Intuitive Painting to bring your right and left brain into balance, open the doorway to inspiration, and connect you to your innate creativity.

What kinds of workshops do you teach?

I’ve taught workshops on all kinds of topics including:The setting for an In-the-Studio Workshop.

  • Vision Plans in which we discover your heart’s desire and connect you to your passion.
  • Visionary Paintings where we meet our Muse.
  • Intentional Creativity Rituals celebrating a milestone in your life.
  • Themed workshops on Self Honor, Stepping Across the Threshold, Growing our Dreams, etc.
  • Community Doodle Sessions to bring teams into sync with each other or to build trust within a community. 

How long are workshops?

It all depends on what we want to create! Single day workshops usually last between 4-6 hours. Two day painting workshops are usually 6-8 hours per day with breaks for lunch. Shorter 4 hour workshops can developed as well.

Can I create my own workshop theme?

Absolutely. I work with you to create workshops customized to your needs whether it is a birthday party, group of friends, or a team of people in a corporate setting.

Do you teach in corporate settings?

Having worked in hi tech for over 25 years and inventing 21 patents along the way, I understand the difference focus, inspiration, and creativity can bring to a team. I led many cross-functional teams in creative exercises while in hi-tech.

Can I hire you to teach inside of my workshop?

snake tennis shoesYes! I am available as a teacher inside of your workshop or retreat. Contact me with your proposal at

What does it cost to hire you to teach a workshop?

Pricing is based upon materials, hours, location logistics, and the number of people attending. Once I have a sense of the context of the workshop, I provide you with a proposal which includes costs.

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“Annette lives, paints and teaches creativity with amazing passion, wisdom, and authenticity. Every time I am with her, my personal and professional vision expands and brightens and I feel inspired and nourished by her insights, her constructive challenging, and her unwavering support and guidance. She is a transformational force that brings out amazing empowerment and creativity in everyone she encounters. To be coached by her is to be coached into your creative magnificence.”  – Havi Mandell, Ph.D., LCSW, HeARTrageous Life

Certified Instructor of the Color of Woman Method by Shiloh Sophia McCloud.