Visioning Your Life

A Vision Plan completed.
A Vision Plan completed.

Vision plans are one of the most exciting things I do. Think of them as a way of mapping out your heart’s desire. The process begins with intention and uses questions and symbols to unearth your passion and purpose while engaging your whole person. What emerges is not what you expect – it is more complete, satisfying, and motivating.

Vision plans are great tools for visioning small projects, business ventures, or questing after your life’s purpose. We use paint, watercolor paper, guided visualization, and words to create a book in which we ask ourselves eight key questions about our passion, dreams, and legend in the world.

As we follow the thread of our heart’s desire, we engage our right and left brain and fully invest our dreams with intention. In doing this, our vision plan begins to manifest those dreams immediately in subtle and amazing ways. The book we create becomes a visual reminder; the words we write become our manifesto.

“I came to Annette’s workshop with no artistic skill and a bit of fear that I couldn’t create something amazing. I walked away not only with a beautiful vision plan, but also a keen understanding of my higher self’s calling and mission in the world. I recommend this workshop to anyone that is at a crossroads in life or anyone who just wants to create and live in joy for a day.”– Cheryl Hoke, Director of Admissions, Sofia University.

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“I’ve had the privilege and delight to participate in this kind of work with Annette and it’s really fun, but not just fun in a frivolous way. It’s really fun in a soul satisfying way.” John Carosella, radio host, Firefly Willows L*I*V*E.