Lady of the Ocean Singing

Lady of the Ocean Singing, Annette Wagner, 2015

This wonderful lady went through many transformations as she made way into being-ness on my canvas. At one point, she was framed in a doorway with snakes instead of kelp looking like some sort of modern fashionista Medusa. Then out came the plaster and suddenly all the snakes turned into seaweed which for some reason prompted spirals to sprout everywhere!

Next the doorway went away and the entire context she was held in shifted to ocean everywhere. In fact there is a whole layer of symbology that is now under the waves, so to speak. And she demanded jewels and embellishment. The little hearts coming in from above are broken hearts being healed by her song.

Acrylic, plaster, semi-precious beads and other embellishments on canvas, 30 x 40 inches. Gallery wrap canvas, unframed.

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