Join me on an adventure into nature.
Sign up for one of my online classes and begin painting today!

Pick up a sketchbook and pen, or look over my shoulder as I open mine.
Find wildflowers and devil rocks and wildflowers with me.
Allow words to arise from your heart 
and flow down through your pen into the paper.

Create prayers to the earth.

Almost everyday, I take a moment and sit in connection with the earth and create.
There is an asking and a listening that happens.
I call what I create earth prayers because that’s what they are.

My artwork and teachings are based upon the ancient Asian ink painting technique of sumi-e combined with Intentional Creativity.
Sumi-e is all about connecting to the ch’i, or the life essence of what you are painting. Intentional Creativity is all about beginning each creative act with intention.

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Earth Prayers Online is my basic 6 week class teaching you how to create earth prayers of your very own using an ink brush pen. This practice is a daily meditation, travel sketching, and a way to connect to the earth. No prior experience necessary!

A Visit with Grandmother Ocean is my newest class - a 4 week online class learning to create Earth Prayers with watercolors and ink at the beach. It begins May 3, 2019. EARLY REGISTRATION is open now with a reduced tuition until April 15th!

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My painting style is based upon the techniques of Intentional Creativity mixed with the Asian ink painting practice of sumi-e along with watercolor and plein-air methods. Most often, I create my paintings out on a trail or up the side of a mountain or on a bluff overlooking the ocean. Sometimes they are finished in my studio and sometimes out on trail.

Each painting is an original work of art created with intention and a love of the earth.


Painting on the river at the ranger station, Magruder Road, Montana. Photo by Cass Kalinski, 2016.

Painting on the river at the ranger station, Magruder Road, Montana. Photo by Cass Kalinski, 2016.