Untamed Heart: An Exploration of Intentional Creativity


Whoo hoo! I am happy to announce this wonderful new book and collaboration of Intentional Creativity teachers, of which I am both an editor and a contributor: Untamed Heart. Its been a long time in preparation which makes it even more sweet to share it with you all. The book is available as a soft cover book on Blurb, OR you can order the PDF ($5.99) directly from me by clicking the button below.

$5.99 for your very own PDF of the book. 55 pages of full color and creative exercises.

Authors: Sofia Dabalsa, Shiloh Sophia, Annette Wagner

Untamed Heart introduces the concept of Intentional Creativity®; a movement in which all creative acts begin with intention. Intentional Creativity is about transforming old stories into new stories that fill us with passion and joy. It is the collaborative product of fifteen Intentional Creativity Teachers including the founder of the Intentional Creativity movement, Shiloh Sophia. Each teacher shares their own story and a practice or exercise for the reader to work with as a way of exploring the realm of Intentional Creativity for themselves.

All proceeds go towards the creation of the book. Let’s support women artists in print!

Authors include Sofia Dalbasa, Annette Wagner, Jessica Bowman, Sumaiyah Dymonz Yates, Kate Langlois, Susan Rossi, Jacqueline Hiew, Mai-Lan Thi Pham, Havi Brysk Mandell, Jennifer Mayol, Wendy Ward, Gurukiren Khalsa, Kendall Sarah Scott, Olyvya (Foussier) Van Eeden and Shiloh Sophia.