Solstice Blessings, Wedding Blessings


Happy Solstice!

Solstice is the day when many traditions honor the return of the light. The day when the energy shifts from dark to light – when the gestation of the dark days begin to head towards fruition, to flowering. The day when the hint of sweet spring begins to push its tiny tendrils into my heart beginning the process of lightening, of growing, of opening.

As the energy shifts on Solstice, I begin musing about my intention for the new year. I allow the energy of Solstice and wonder and love to infuse my heart like the elements of a good stew in the making. I know there is plenty of time to savor and stir and allow my intention to come into being. I can smell it forming as the flavors come together. I invite you to ask with me:

What am I leaving behind in the dark, in the earth, to compost? What seeds have I planted that want to be nurtured into the light? What are I putting into my stew of intention?


This year I have much to ponder and wonder and muse about. My mother walked on through the veil. My daughter with her challenges around anxiety. And, the shift in my relationship with the man of my heart.

We married each other in a niche on the beach at low tide on December 11th. I walked out to Grandmother Ocean to ask permission and say hello. An altar was setup. We stood in circle to begin, then took off the red thread around our wrists, read the vows we each wrote out loud to the spirits of the four directions, the vows of our heart. We exchanged many kisses and rings and more red thread. Many rose petals were tossed into the waves for Grandmother Ocean. Then we had a feast with the two friends who had come with us to officiate and witness. And a circle to close our ceremony.


It is a big shift and yet, not such a big shift. I am getting used to the idea that I can call my man my husband. And to wearing a ring. And to remembering to take off the ring when I head into the studio so I don't cover it in paint and other things!

I leave behind the responsibility of caring for my mom through her illness which though I shared with others still was always on my mind. In its place, I have the memories of who she was in her life. 


I leave behind the expectations around having a typical teenage high school kid and instead embrace the creative eccentric wild creature who is my daughter. 

I put love squarely into my stew of intention along with the joy of marrying my man and being in relationship with him. 

May your days be filled with blessings, Annette