The Many Uses of Canvases, aka The Mouse Episode

Last night, I woke up to that sound of something scritching – little tiny feet rustling about.

Groan. Not again. Did that darn cat bring in another baby possum?

Over the last three weeks, Hero has made a habit of bringing in a collection of baby possums which then eat all the cat food, wash up in the water bowls, and proceed to wander about the house leaving droppings here and there until they find my open bedroom door. Then they carefully crawl up the inside of the screen door trying to find their way out. Hence my aversion to the scritching noise. 

The only redeeming quality of this behavior is that the baby possums really are very non-agressive. They just roll up and play dead and I scoop them out and out of the house and they wander off. Even the one that found its way into the bathtub did that. Of course, it might have just fallen asleep.

The sound of scritching definitely brings me out of a good sleep. Its why I now had a small flashlight by that bedroom door. So I grudgingly rolled myself out of my bed, grumbling that my man was not here to do this for me – after all isn't this his job!? I grabbed the flashlight and carefully opened my bedroom door wider and allowed the beam of light to play over the entire door. Nada. Not one sound and not one little critter. Hmmmm.

mouse behind dresser

mouse behind dresser

The very early morning is not the time when my brain works fully. That warm bed was calling me even if the man was not in it. I did notice that Princess, Hero’s sister, was sitting on the bed at full attention – a clear sign that something was up. Didn’t matter. I rolled back into bed, snuggled into a nice warm pillow and went back to sleep.

A few hours later, I had two cats demanding pets and breakfast so I rolled back out of bed and over to the big picture window to pull up the curtain. My usual morning routine. And that’s when I found out why Princess was still at full attention.

I pulled on the cord, the curtain went up, and the bloody mouse that had been rustling its way back and forth on the top of the rail went flying to the other end and out into the air landing at the far end of the wall. I shrieked as Hero went racing in trying to catch the beastie. It was trapped between a piece of furniture and had nowhere to go. I grabbed the damn cat and attempted to drop him in there but he was having nothing to do with that.

So I shifted stuff and the mouse came flying out right at me. Another shriek ensued. The cat flew out of the bedroom and the mouse ran for the dresser in the other corner. Double frigging arg.

Mouse episode 2

Mouse episode 2

I did what any self-respecting woman would do especially one who is just barely awake and very annoyed. I texted the man to express my opinion and took myself off to the shower. I left Princess to oversee the mess and the open screen door.

After my shower, I got dressed, an important detail when dealing with tiny scurrying critters that bring on shrieks. I felt more awake and ready to deal with the beastie. Princess was still on guard.

I carefully cleared off the top of the dresser. Then I very slowly angled out one corner of the dresser and took a long look with the flashlight. Yup. Right there – 3 inches of brown furry mouse clinging to the back of the dresser with all its might. Well, I was NOT going in after it. Possums yes, mice no. And no, do not ask what the reasoning is. I have my rules. 

mouse episode princess

mouse episode princess

I did the only thing I could do. I went into my studio and grabbed several long canvases. Then I arranged them such that the only open path was out the screen door. Then I carefully pulled the dresser out from the wall more. The mouse perched on the plugs. Princess set herself outside the door and settled in to wait.

I went off to make breakfast. For me.

I informed the cats that their breakfast was not an option until the mouse situation was resolved. Not that this had any real effect on Hero. He cleaned out the leftovers in the bowls and went to sleep on his chair. Apparently he had a hard night – all those shrieks unsettled his equilibrium.