Jack Rabbits and the Tides of Life


What is nourishing you today?

What are you nibbling on?

Bringing into your system?

Yesterday I went for one of my early morning walks in the Palo Alto Baylands. The last couple times I've been there has been this little thought in the back of my head about jack rabbits that keeps cropping up. Wondering if I will see any this spring or not.

As I walked along, I lifted my head up from the path at one point, and there she was. A small jack rabbit looking back at me. I stopped and went silent and just watched. She swiveled her ears about and then gently hopped forward into the grass. I paused and then began walking slowly and as I got closer to where she had hopped into the grass, I could just see her eye peering out at me. I said good morning to her and kept walking.

Cool, I thought, I've had my sighting of jack rabbit. I walked on, stopping to sketch as I went. Then at some point, I turned around and began walking back to where my car was parked. I came around a curve in the trail near where I had seen the jack rabbit and, lo, there were two of them watching me!

I stopped and grounded and went silent again.

Then slowly opened my sketchbook and asked if I could draw them. They said yes and went back to munching on grass. Clearly the thought of me sketching them was not threatening. So I sketched away until I noticed they had stopped eating and their ears were straight up. There was no one behind me but way down the trail the other way was someone coming towards us. Way down the trail. And he clearly was not seeing what was around him.

The two rabbits stopped what they were doing and watched with their ears.

My presence did not appear to disturb them so I continued to sketch. The man continued to slowly get closer. I thought perhaps he would notice me looking at something but no, he was not very present to his surroundings from what I could tell.

When he was within a dozen feet of the two rabbits, they suddenly darted into the grass and the man jumped and noticed them. He was clearly surprised as he walked past me. I took a few steps and looked back. One of the rabbits had scampered down the trail from the other one who had simply gone straight into the heavy grass. The rabbit who has run further down the trail waited for the man to pass and then came back out onto the trail, took a long look at me, hesitated for a minute, and then scampered back past me to where the first rabbit had gone into the brush and disappeared.


It was comforting to see that I am not so terrifying that the rabbit has to wait for me to leave to rejoin its companion.

Rabbits move by leaps and bounds, have the ability to both freeze and become invisible and move very fast when needed. They are considered good fortune and a sign of fertile abundance. Rabbit can help you attune to the tides of movement in your own life as well as the lunar cycle. 

happy creating, Annette