Taking Up The Space that is MINE

I work in the Intentional Creativity movement for many reasons - the foremost of those reasons is that the practices I have learned and now teach, work. When I clearly set my intention, the way forward magically clears, what seems like obstacles becomes doorways, and I move through them to a new and happier place in my life. This does not mean it is not painful or sad – I have to DO my own work to in this.

Intentional Creativity demands I be present to all that I bring to the story running in my life right now. And then, demands I unravel, unweave, and create space for the story to change. And as anyone knows, cleaning up your dirty laundry is NO fun.

The last few weeks of my life have been full of contention around things, people, and stuff that have been hanging around for four years and have not cleared out. Others have not moved on, while I have. And now its time for all of this to shift because a new story is already being written for my life. One of love, balance, prosperity and happiness. So, of course, those who have not moved on are gripping tightly, resentfully, and wailing their story about how I am wrong and they are a victim.

Well, I am having none of that. Not listening. Not engaging. Why?

It is not my story.

That said, it still impacts me – I need to be clear on what I want moving forward. Which is when I realized I had not set a clear intention about what I wanted. Eeek! So I mused on what my intention was for a week or more. Allowing it to slowly came into form in my heart. Writing down sentences. Journaling. Sharing thoughts with my loved ones. Allowing words and phrases and symbols and feeling to merge and weave into form.

I had this sense of wanting to expand into the space of my life. Of having strong boundaries and making it clear what I allow inside my circle of life and what is not allowed to exist in my circle any longer and must leave. My intention emerged:

I take up the space that is MINE.

I mused further and came up with three extensions to my core intention. One for myself, one for my daughter and one for my lover and me. The collection felt like they filled out the space and balanced out my core intention.

Then, I went into my studio. I had this image of watercolor paper, hearts, spirals, colors, words, and folded paper. How it would all manifest was not entirely clear when I began. Which is as it should be.

I wrote my intention in the very center. Then I chose colors and began painting gently swirling colors I loved onto the paper into spirals and hearts, connection and flowing energy. Seeds of love dotted the lines. I brought in a wash of peacock green to fill in the spaces with prosperity and abundance and lush green growth. Once it was dry, I wrote my collection of intentions in a circle around the core intention.

Then, I began to expand into my intention by cutting and folding the paper so everything expanded outward from the center, the core.

Slowly, I folded each section, putting my intention of taking up my space into each and every fold. I added dots of gold paint from the center outward through each section. Last, I added red thread on the points of the paper. For community, for connection. Then I blessed my creation and hung it over my altar.

When I was done, I felt and still feel grounded. Now I have a "space" from which I can interact, operate, and deal with these issues and people in my life that need to be done with – in a way that supports me.

And realized when I was done that the process of taking up my space, of folding paper that expands my story, of creating this piece of artwork that manifests my intention makes a great workshop teaching!