A Swirl of Words

AnnetteTaboo-headerSometimes life takes me dancing in a huge swirl of words and images and change. Those are the times I tend to lose track of what I have told to whom, of what images made it into my sketch book, which thoughts manifested, and which ones are still floating in my heart somewhere. There is a solid reason artists are thought to be crazy; our minds and hearts have a tendency to overflow sometimes like a torrent of spring water over a cliff edge. I entirely forgot to post on my own blog that I am now the managing editor of the Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine. Sheesh. Can you hear my Muse chortling? Well, snickering actually. She thinks it quite hilarious.

It all began last April and it's been a couple months of making every Wordpress mistake I could and then some more, of editing, collaging, designing, and writing. Figuring out schedules, meeting the awesome writers, getting used to a publishing schedule, working with guest authors. Whew!

Our topic for this year is TABOO: Hidden Stories. And I want to formally invite you to take a gander at my articles and to ponder the other wonderful articles our series this year. Love to hear your thoughts on TABOOS.

The Mysterious Mechanisms of TABOO is a journey into the regions of TABOO and menstruation and where taboos originated.

Dressing Your TABOO: Appropriately: how does the way you dress reflect your beliefs about yourself?

Creatively yours, Annette