A Message of Love from Paris

Lion at Notre Dame CathedralYes, I am on another Grand Adventure in Paris. The trip began with meeting my painting teacher, Sue Hoya Sellars, at the airport. She is 78 years old, an American master painter and a total rebel at heart. Still splits her own fire wood. We arrived in Paris and she fell in love with the city, marveling at the old buildings made of stone, the way the chimneys are all ceramic, the facades, and all the minute details. Bringing someone like her to Paris makes me open my eyes again in new ways and I love that!

This time, more then a year since my last adventure here, I can feel how much I have changed. How I just sit and sketch and don't even think about being embarrassed about people walking by looking over my shoulder. Familiar sights and smells welcome me; the stink of the Metro, the smell of the bakeries, the whiff of cigarette smoke that reminds how nice California is in that respect. I have no hesitation wearing my crazy California artist clothes. Probably the only one in Paris wearing glitter flip flops with toe rings and polish. tee hee!

The River SeineWe've been sketching and wandering and enjoying ourselves the last day or so. Sitting along the Seine and doing watercolor sketches. Or in a cafe and doing a quick study of trees and buildings. Watching the clouds moving behind the facade of Notre Dame Cathedral. Getting rained on as we walk around the glass pyramid at the Louvre.

I am reminded that life is precious and full of joy if you are willing to trust and open your heart. It is hard to be vulnerable, scary even, and immensely worth the effort.

Today the painting retreat I am helping with begins – with red thread and intention. Today we will paint the Eiffel Tower! Today I am in Paris and my heart is open and flowing with LOVE.

creatively yours, Annette

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