Hidden Stories, New Stories

Hidden Stories, New Stories This morning being my birthday, I jumped out of bed and into my studio. I felt a deep need to paint and put my brush onto canvas. Things have been gestating inside of me in the last few weeks leading up to today. And, today is a new moon as well as my birthday. I am working on a series of painting - actually painting all three at the same time. This painting is part of that series and is about hidden stories. You see, under these words you can see now, are all the stories of fear that had been running my life. Seven of them, all asking to be banished. I painted these old hidden stories onto and into the canvas, and then brought light into that darkness of fear.

Then I waited with these two blank areas for inspiration. I knew the stone tablets needed words but had no idea what words to write. This morning words came.  I painted the words of a new story for living my life. A story of legend and healing and living from my future self. Of choosing to live from my future self. I can feel the tug into the future pulling me forward as I write this post.

A happy birthday indeed when the universe hands you gifts like these!

Hidden Stories, New Stories- left panel

Hidden Stories, New Stories- right panel

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