Lady of Living Waters

Lady of Living WatersHere is my Lady of Living Waters completed. When I first sat with her, I thought her eyes were very sad. Then I realized she is gazing with compassion – as if she is crying rivers of healing. I asked her what her message was for me and she told me about the waters flowing from her eyes. How the flowing waters allow her to see past, present, and future with a clarity we cannot usually access. She asks us to leave behind darkness and wounds and step forward into the flow of love and healing.

Her abalone shell is a gateway to Grandmother Ocean, and the pure luminosity of that doorway allows us to swim with Dolphin who brings us the manna of life and fly with Hummingbird who is the messenger of the gods and goddesses.

Acrylic on canvas, 24x36 inches, gallery wrapped, unframed. © 2014 Annette Wagner. All Rights Reserved.

Price: $2200

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This is the poem I wrote to her called Flowing with Love.

flow with love into the crevices of your heart let it nourish replenish heal

let it awaken memories passions touches smells sweetness

let it flow winding like a river through your veins knocking on the door of every cell determined

stretch out your arms feel the current tugging your body into the the dance the movement

the give and take the utter reciprocity of love reach out let go flow

may your day be filled with love, Annette

24x36 inches, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 2014 Contact Annette for purchasing options.