The Black Madonna of Paris

Black Madonna of Paris outsideJune 2013, I had an opportunity to visit Notre-Dame de Bonne-Délivrance and be with the Black Madonna of Paris in her sanctuary. The church is a gorgeous small white and gold beauty; the Madonna and child a wonderful, well cared for relic of ancient times. Clearly held as sacred and full of prayerful energy by the worshippers in the church who are hugely protective of her. Notre Dame de Bonne Deliverance

We stayed for mass and were able to hang out for a few minutes after sketching. My painting is inspired by being in her presence and feeling the love and energy in the sanctuary. It is not an exact representation - it is what my pen drew sitting there in her presence. Usually I draw what I see in these kinds of situations, but this time I just let flow what wanted to be drawn. I drew what was in my heart, what she wanted me to draw.

In my studio at home, I painted her with palette knife roses and fleur de lys and all the rich colors and textures of my trip to Paris. When I was done, she informed me she wanted a frame and not just any frame mind you. I mused on this as she really did need a frame and it needed to be entirely hers. Something that held and honored who she is.

So I created a frame slowly in layers of texture, lace, paint, photos of angels, words, and more rich color and texture. More palette knife roses and a hand painted title at the bottom. A frame on which she rests like she is upon a bed of roses. With her name written on it like they always were in the old days. A frame that holds and honors her.

~ ~ ~

The Black Madonna of Paris, an original painting and custom frame by Visionary Artist Annette Wagner is available for sale. The painting includes palette knife roses and fleur de lys patterning. The custom frame is covered in lace textures and deep burgundy and gold palette knife roses with her name hand-painted on the bottom. Her story is that she is here to answer prayers for love and healing.