Red Key on a Red Thread

What does it mean when Spirit hands me a red key on a red thread?

Then tells me to wear it over my heart?

Is it the key to my heart? Or something more?

Yes, and yes.

red key on a red threadOn my spiritual path, what I paint is a beacon for the journey Spirit wants me to be on. It has always been like that. Each painting is a portal, a lesson, a healing, a truth, a mystery. This is the way when intentional creativity meets shamanism.

My latest painting drew me into a deep journey I didn’t expect and is not yet done. She is like a demand, a calling, a tugging on my heart. The painting is my Talisman - my personal archetype and is composed of layers and layers of meaning, symbology and visioning.

I began it right before I jumped on an airplane last June to go paint in Paris - a trip about living in my artist self. When I came back, I had intentions to continue painting my archetype. But somehow I didn’t put brush to canvas until three months later and made little progress.

In September I went on Vision Quest, moved my house and studio, and by the end of the year many old threads unraveled and left my life. After the Solstice and holidays, I returned to my painting and suddenly found myself engaging with the process again. At each step it went deeper, and then deeper again.

I did not expect a painting about Love. Or a woman with roses for hair. Or her demand I allow myself to flow through the Gateway of Love. Or Horse showing up to bring me the energy of Freedom. Or my internal compass to appear with Earth, Air, Fire and Water as the four directions. Or to be asked to find a key, paint it red, put it on red thread, and wear it over my heart.

In my vision, she told me the key is my connection to her, my Talisman. To the messages she has given me about my work in the world. To the commitment to live my life with love at the center of all choices. When I need her, I have only to touch the key.

It feels incredibly vulnerable to literally wear this key over my heart - I don’t usually wear necklaces of any kind much less one so symbolic. So why is Spirit asking me to wear this?

She is asking me to be vulnerable.

To be vulnerable is to be power-full, especially for a woman. And at the same time, it takes courage and strength to be vulnerable in a culture in which an act of violence is committed against a woman every 9 seconds.

How is vulnerability powerful? No one wants to be hurt and so we guard our hearts so fiercely sometimes love cannot get in or out. When I have the courage to step into vulnerability, I make it possible for others to join me there and open their heart to love.  When the gateway of our heart opens to love, it presents an opportunity to heal our connection to ourselves, to others, to our planet, and to Spirit.

Thank you Spirit....

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