Flowing with Love and Walking in Harmony

2014 has dawned brilliantly, hasn’t it? A new moon on January 1st and another new moon at the end of the month means the entire month is one of manifestation of the new. We have the time to allow intentions for this year to emerge and take form all month. I’ve been musing upon my intention for this year and the form it is taking is intriguing...

Flow with Love and Walk in Harmony

To tell you the truth it is one of those intentions which is a bit scary. Must mean I’m on the right path, don’t you think? Flowing with love brings up the whole shebang around Trust. For me to flow with the energy of love, I have to trust. To trust, I have to be safe. And in our culture, being safe is not a given for women, sadly.

For me to walk in Harmony is to walk in resonance - with our mother the earth, with those around me, with the Divine, with my creations, with myself, with my work in the world. Every time I try to hold all that in my body, I envision this dance of reciprocity. To stay in harmony with all around me, I must give and receive and it manifests as flow, and flowing brings me back to love.

Perhaps my intention is a wheel?  

It is and what a happy thought that is. I love living in connection with the cycles of life around me. To have my intention be a flowing circle is luscious and mysterious and yummy.

This intention of mine is bringing up all kinds of questions, like: What kind of infrastructure do I need to support my heart in flowing with love? The answer to that one is emerging too, but not how I expected.

little horseOn my spiritual path of female shamanism, animals sometimes show up like a red thread weaving in and out of other threads in my life. Horse showed up last fall on my Vision Quest painting (which you can just see in my prior post). Not Horse exactly - a dancing man with Horse covering his head, shoulders and back. Clearly also a shape-shifter. I felt just a bit be-mused; I had never painted Horse, much less a Horse Man.

Well, Horse Man, as I have been calling him, continued to show up in various forms. A scruffy little rough horse I sculpted some years ago resurfaced and I reclaimed it and put it on my altar for this year. Friends post images with horses. People who work magic with horses show up at my house.

My teacher, Vicki Noble, has a spiritual practice she taught me and one of the lines is: “Grant me the wisdom to let things unfold naturally.” Methinks that is exactly what I shall do for now.

Happy New Year Blessings, Annette

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