Vision Quest: Reveling in Abundance

Home Sweet HomeI’ve been busy in my new digs setting up my studio and dealing with challenges flying in and about and back out again. When I found a moment to hunt up my Vision Quest journal and read what question I wrote down for this week, I chuckled. This week my question is about Abundance. How abundance is manifesting in my life. How I hold abundance. How I relate to abundance.

Why did I chuckle? Well, the last few weeks since I moved, I’ve been feeling like old synapses are out of kilter and new ones are rapidly rolling into being. A very unsettling sort of feeling. (I can very clearly tell that last week was about letting go of old patterns and allowing new patterns to manifest.)

My gift of Beautiful Structure heaves a big sigh every time something hiccups erratically, so I’ve decided to call what is happening Creative Synapse Recalibration which is part of the Universal Juggling Routine and I know you have personal experience with that!

Just when I think I am handling all this change and have it under control, the universe tosses me another ball. Or two. Thinking “under control” is a huge magnet for extra balls. More balls means cars miss a servicing and implode, and important documents get forgotten on scanners. And so on.


What is important to remember is the other half of Creative Synapse Recalibration. Where stuff clicks into place, new doors open and something you thought was going to be a big deal flows into harmony, and life shifts into new patterns freely and easily. Its feels a bit like leaning on a wall that turns into a door and instead of falling through, you take step forward and dance through. When the shifts dance into place gracefully,

Abundance is showing up.

When my daughter cooks me dinner all weekend, instead of the other way around. And is damn good at it. When my (handsome) mechanic tells me the car is fixable. And I get to flirt with him. When the official at the important document office nicely lets me come back with the missing document instead of telling me to make another appointment. When someone asks to interview me and it is resonates sweetly.

Yes, there are still bills to pay, chores to do, and too many claims on my energy and resources. When I began my Vision Quest in September I decided to break my addiction to worry and to step out of making decisions using the “money filter.” You know, the “I can’t do that its too expensive” or “geology is fun because then you know where to find gold and diamonds” kind of thinking. The world is meant to be lived, not filtered.

I live knowing all my needs and desires are met with overflowing, wondrous abundance.

I pay attention to the abundance showing up in my life, acknowledge it, and allow myself to revel in it. When I revel in the luxury and abundance of my life, I feed my heart. I weave new connections to abundance and this brings more abundance. It is both a state of heart and a magnet and one I am liking. Reveling is my new way of being!

How do you relate to abundance in your life? Do you revel in it when it appears unexpectedly?

blessings, Annette


P.S. Creative Soul Decks are flying off the shelf; must be the holiday season? They make awesome gifts!

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