Vision Quest: Allowing Beautiful Structure

Emanating. © 2013 Annette Wagner.
“When we don't use the gifts we are given as they are intended to be used and expressed, then the thing that is designed to be a tool becomes a weapon we use against ourselves. This is often how the critical self within us begins to operate, through a misappropriation of our life force that then, turns against us. It is through self expression, connection with our Muse and how she shows us how to come alive, that our gifts can be released as blessings to the world, and to ourselves. Then the weapons we have used to beat ourselves up, can again become tools to transform our lives into legends. This is dedicated to Annette Wagner - it was during my coaching call with her that this came through.” - Shiloh Sophia McCloud AKA Chief Laughing Cloud


In, around, and among the energies of moving my home and studio and completing the Creative Soul Deck, I am still on vision quest. A week or so ago I was reminded of this during a coaching call with my mentor, Shiloh Sophia.

One of the intentions for the quest I’ve been on this fall is to change the way I relate to what I was calling my driver self. If you’ve been following my blog posts lately, you may have noticed my musings and dancing with the how I do things or how the driver self protected the dancing, swirling, passionate artist self in my heart when I was in the hitech world.

Well, being the amazing mentor she is, Shiloh gave me the key to unlocking the treasure of my driver self. She listened to my struggle with reclaiming this part of me patiently. Then suggested my driver self was an unclaimed gift called Beautiful Structure.

 Beautiful Structure? 
 Say what?

Ok, I admit I’d never ever think to describe my driver self as a gift much less as Beautiful Structure. Talk about shifting perspective!

The words kept tumbling about in my mind. I’ve known for a few weeks that its time to rename my driver self.  This week my quest is about Allowing. Allowing what I  need to manifest in my life. Allowing others to help me. Very appropriate me thinks. I was musing one night on this concept of Beautiful Structure and a word came to me:

Harmony. I asked: What is this about? 
 I got back: not what, WHO. 

This image of a elegantly clad beautiful woman standing on my left side came through. Her name is Harmony and her gift is Beautiful Structure. She has a white snake as her helper. A beautifully patterned gorgeous white snake.

She is not about making order from chaos; she is about bringing harmony to my life. Helping my passionate artist self have the space to create by managing the rest of my life. She is about dancing balance. I can hand her things to do and she takes care of them for me. She is here to support the dancing, swirling, passionate artist in my heart.

What do I need to do? Allow her to work her magic by giving her things to do for me. The first order of business is to get my studio back up and functioning so I can paint her picture!

Thank you Harmony. Thank you Shiloh.


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