Ta Da! The Creative Soul Deck is HERE!!


For the last year and a half, I’ve been working on a very special project with a very special group of women.

I am delighted to announce:

The Creative Soul Deck

In April of 2012, I graduated from the very first cohort of Color of Woman training along with 17 other amazing women. Our journey together changed the way we connect to our creativity and to each other at such a basic level it is as if our cells transformed.

We became artists when we were not artists; we are amazing  teachers despite our misgivings and fears. Most of all, we learned to listen to our hearts.

As amazing paintings and poetry emerged over the course of our 9 month training, we kept joking back and forth about how the paintings could be a deck of cards - each one so different and so profound.

As our training drew to a close, we put our hearts together to come up with gifts for our teachers: Shiloh Sophia, Mary, Sue, and Caron. The idea of deck of cards was raised again. Was it possible? We set intention, circled up in red thread and decided YES we were going to make it happen!

At our graduation, the sense of accomplishment and honor we had for our work illuminated our hearts and souls. Our teachers were overwhelmed with joy to see the deck and urged us to offer it to the world. We once again put our hearts together and asked. The answer we received was YES!

Crafting and polishing our deck to out into the world taught us many lessons.

  • How to get angry and how to heal.
  • How to make the finances and money work.
  • How to write and edit and proofread.
  • How to sit with the words on the cards and ask what each painting wanted to say.

It took far longer than any of us expected. Women dropped out. We changed the name of the deck. We wrote instructions on how to use the deck. We included our teachers. We revised artwork. We fixed all the typos (we hope!).

There were points we were euphoric and points we thought the entire project was dead and buried. And then, one day, the artwork was off to the printer. The last press check was done.

Now, the decks are HERE and it’s time for celebration!

The artists included in the deck besides myself are Flora Aube, Mandisa Woods, Jodi Anthony, Wendy Hassel, Christine L. Saba, Katie Ketchum, Crystal Charlotte, Jessica Bowman, Suzanne Grace Michell, Havi Brysk Mandell, Marie Howell, Mary Schilder, Isabella Vickers, Heather Kobrin Moore and our teachers, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellars, and Mary MacDonald..

When you open up your deck, I know you will feel what I felt when I opened mine.

There truly is a red thread connecting all of us.

Blessings! Annette

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