Vision Quest: As Beauty Arises

Moonrise over the baylandsThis week I am musing upon the question of where beauty arises in my life. It came to me that this musing upon beauty is a spiritual practice. It begins by asking: What is beauty for me?

Visualize the way a spiky green leaf catches and hold raindrops like glittering gems. Or, the way crows tilt their wings at that special angle when they land. Or, the way light gathers in clouds against a brilliant blue sky.

What is beauty for you?

When I draw my little sumi-e drawings, I am engaging with beauty in a very different way than, say, a fashion magazine. First, I connect to the spirit of the plant or bird or stone.  The brush strokes I draw become a channel for that spirit to manifest on the page of my sketch book. The words I write are another form of expressing what I have drawn. When I view the sketch and the words together, I know I am writing beauty.  That I am connecting to beauty.

But most of all I am absorbing beauty.

Feather sumi-e

I take it into me on a cellular level like eating rose petals brings love into your heart. Or eating chocolate brings happiness. This absorbing of beauty is changing me. It is an addiction and a virus. The more I absorb, the more I want to draw, sketch, write, create beauty.

Perhaps it is because, for me, seeing beauty in everything is the same as seeing sacredness in everything.  I haven’t a clue how to separate out the sacredness of something from its beauty, and find I have no desire to do so. Sacredness and beauty are intrinsic and when I look with my artist heart, I see beauty everywhere and that brings joy and wonder into my life.

And I’ll soak in a tub of joy and wonder any day of the week!

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