The Light of Dragonfly

Stripping away the illusionsIt’s been a different sort of summer than I expected. I came back from France reveling in the deeply satisfying feeling of living in my artist self. I was home from Paris for two weeks and then went off on another trip to one of my favorite places, Stinson Beach, where I celebrated my birthday and painted every day. It was wonderfully relaxing and grounding. When I returned home and settled myself in, I found the body of a dragonfly on my studio floor. I carefully collected it and placed it with the other treasures near my paints. And then blithely went on my way without thinking about WHY Dragonfly was there.

In the meantime, I continued wandering through my life around feeling my way into the gift of living in my artist self. Musing upon how this changes my life. Wondering about possibly getting another masters degree. Wondering about this path or that. And wandering right on into...


Then, Princess brought in a live dragonfly and let it go in the kitchen just as my daughter and I sat down to dinner. We managed to get the dragonfly outside safely, and, I suddenly clued in and went hunting for the meaning and symbology of Dragonfly.

Dragonfly is about light. How light can refract and reflect off something and change its color, context, and mood. How light can be like an illusion hiding what is right in front of you.


Prior to Dragonfly arriving in my kitchen and, in an attempt to bring clarity to murk, I had taken some actions by applying for entry into a masters program. However, doing so didn’t help clarify the murk at all. I was still pondering and not getting that wonderful sense of knowing what was “in the highest good of all especially me”.

With the light of Dragonfly on the situation, suddenly the illusion peeled away and the answer was right in front of me. This program was not on my path; while it tugged on me it did not actually fall into resonance with my path.

You see, there are things that are very like parallel paths - they almost feel right. These kinds of tugs are the hardest to discern what to do about because they feel right enough to capture our attention. But many times they leave us confused and uncertain about what choice to make.

Dragonfly shined her light on the questions I was asking and the answers I was giving to myself. The light asked me to really hear what I was not saying. I realized I really had no desire to pursue this particular program as a career, rather, I was intrigued by the teachings. Once that distinction came into focus, I knew what choice to make. There was no more confusion or second guessing - just clarity.

The painting included above is called Stripping Away the Illusions.


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