Birthday Gratitude

angels trumpet flowersToday on my birthday I give thanks.

For being alive. For knowing I am my grandmother’s daughter. For growing in my mother’s womb. For being born. For birthing my daughter. For being a mother in a lineage of mothers. For the opportunity to be my daughter’s mother.

For being able to boogie board with a broken baby toe. For ice cream and french fries. For sushi! For conversations with my daughter about the first job I ever had. For photos of me with very long hair from long ago. For pink rhinestones and black lace jackets. For sketch books and mini-watercolor sets and black ink pens.

For waking up every morning knowing I am an artist. For having a paintbrush in my hand and beauty to inspire me. For teachers who show me the doorway and nudge me through it. For my Muse who hugs, nurtures, and kicks my butt when I need it. For the space in my life to explore who I am becoming. For living the creative being I am in my heart. For the chance to listen to my heart and follow where she leads.

For roses, sweet, luscious and thorn-filled. For chocolate, dark and salted and melting. For cat purrs, crows talking, snake visits, and hummingbird messages. For girl friends and good friends and old friends and new friends. For the chatter and giggles of children. For the sand between my toes and the waves roaring. For love at the center of all choices.

May your day be filled with beauty, wonder and love!

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