The 2 x 4 Bunny Whack

Black Walnut Tree Goddess ©2009 Annette Wagner In my last post, I described how Snake, Crow (two of them), Spider (two of them too), Raccoon, and Hummingbird came to visit with messages.

Well the day after I wrote that post, I went for one of my early morning walks at the local bay lands bird sanctuary and Jack Rabbit showed up. The jack rabbits out there rarely make appearances. Usually all I see is a bit of rabbit disappearing over the edge of a bank. On this day, the first one appears, looks at me, moves down the trail a couple feet and collects another one.

I stand there quietly intending to just let them wander off on their own. Then, the two of them go slowly down the trail another five or so feet and collect two more jack rabbits. They gather in a row lined up on the trail looking like a bunch of little garden rabbit statues watching me.

We stare at each other for a few minutes. Then I think I shifted my position. And instead of racing off like, well, jack rabbits, they just take a few steps and sit still again watching me. I take one step forward and so do they. This repeats for several steps.

Fortunately, the hilarious nature of the situation didn’t present itself right at that moment because if it had, the laughter certainly would have sent them off over the edge into wherever they go.

I did my best to stop thinking “wow there’s four of ‘em” and to thank them for their message. Usually this is what animals are waiting for when they deliberately wait until they have your attention. They want to know you SEE them in all the forms of that word. That you get that there is a MESSAGE for you. I’m standing there feeling like I just got a 2 x 4 bunny whack. Whaaaaat did you say? Huh? Message??

We did eventually resolve the - ah - standoff. I decided to just keep walking forward slow step by slow step. They continued their forward motion as well and after another 100 feet or so, they bounded off the trail and into their usual territory.

Sheesh. Bunnies.

In some traditions, rabbits are about fear which was my initial sense of the message. However, there felt like something more there as well, after all, there were four bunnies.

Indeed, the next day, I received a major whack of fear energy and the whole fear-of-disapproval energy ball fired up big time. Yet, it felt odd at the same time. I could feel the fear strongly and at the same time it wasn’t kicking off any of the usual responses inside of me. It felt like Spirit wanted me to experience how my relationship to my fear of disapproval has shifted.

Behind the fear was something entirely different, something wonderfully cheerful and happy - a feeling of being taken care of. What does it mean when four rabbits show up? Rabbits earned their reputation for fertility honestly; they are a symbol of fertility and abundance.

I like that. :)