Stepping off the cliff...

Paris JournalI am stepping off a cliff tomorrow morning flying off to Paris to ‘live in the arms of my Muse’. I am feeling scared and excited and dreamy - all at the same time. One moment I feel this wow I really am going to Paris! ...then OMG I am going to Paris! ...then a smile comes over my face and I see myself painting and walking and laughing along the Seine.

In the last month I have pulled the Fool card at least half a dozen times. In the Tarot, the Fool card is all about trust and not being afraid to make a fool of oneself. The imagery is that of a person stepping off a cliff with open arms embracing whatever life sends their way.

Well, I can definitely relate!

All the messages I am receiving lately are about trust. Have patience, go deep within, stay in the flow, you are being re-made, and you are taken care of. Lots of letting go of control and active asserting of will and pushing to make things happen. To be truthful, it’s making my practical side just a tad nervous to have Spirit repeatedly sending me these messages just as I am about to jump on a plane for Paris!


Maybe because my practical side knows there is BIG change going on?

Maybe because it feels like I am down in the murky depths sloshing through greenish marsh gunk and sludge one minute and swimming through crystal clear jade green waters the next?

Like I am feeling my way into a new level of being me, finger hold by finger hold, doorway by doorway, crossing each threshold with daring and wonder?

Like I am wending my way through a gloriously bejeweled maze of gifts and wounds, healing and transforming each as I touch it?

Like I am turning inside out and the dancing, swirling heart of me is now on the outside for all to see and the driving mind is becoming quiescent?

What I am doing is moving into a deeper stage of living from my heart. Threads are surfacing allowing me to step fully into my passion, my heart’s desire, to find love, move into the still place, be one with the Divine energy of creation. There is an organic, flowing quality to this way of living. I feel like I am resonating from this still place in my heart - where I am very much alive and there is so much connection to life.

I am sloughing off the so-called masculine energy and moving into the so-called feminine energy and I do not know what impact this will have on my life. Hence, the Fool card showing up to guide and encourage me. Sometimes, the best thing to do IS to jump off the cliff with open arms embracing all that life brings to us!

May your arms be wide and may life bring you all that you desire!

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