Learning to Trust Your Heart

Doorway of YESYou may have heard I am heading to Paris later this month (yippee!!). I am painting with Ms. Shiloh Sophia and living with My Muse day and night for eight days. There will be chocolate, wild women, divine inspiration, and Paris! Deciding to put my hand up and say yes to this trip is part of a big shift on my part around Trust. Last January, as part of a New Year’s ritual, my Color of Woman sisters and I each set a personal intention for this year. We went on a journey to meet our Muse and came back with words and image. My intention is to live a life of Bold Adventure this year.

About now would be a really good place to say: be careful of what you ask for - especially in any workings with Spirit. Why? ‘Cause the Divine has a sense of humor even more wicked then ours!

I can hear her chuckling. You did ask for Bold Adventure. Remember?

Yes, I did. So when Shiloh said she was going to Paris and asked if anyone would be interested in painting in Paris, my arm shot up all by herself and said YES!

When that sort of thing happens, I know my heart is speaking and not my mind. If it was my mind, I’d still be dithering about worrying about money or child care or just how fricking insane I was to even be thinking about doing this. My arm shooting up was a clearly recognizable sign that painting in Paris with Shiloh was officially a Bold Adventure Opportunity.

After my heart said yes, the rest of me had to sign up too. Money needed to exchange hands. Flights needed to be booked. Was I REALLY going to Paris? The day I decided was highly amusing. Every single person I interacted with for 24 hours - whether it was my mechanic or a client - all said the same thing: What do you mean you are trying to decide? Of course you’re going!

How do you know when you are standing right smack dab in front of a Doorway of Opportunity and you need to step through RIGHT NOW?

It boils down to knowing when it is our heart speaking and having the courage to follow our heart. I use the teachings of intentional creativity everyday to stay in connection with my intuition and heart. It takes practice to hear what she tells me. Lots of practice. Why? Because you must follow through on what she tells you or she won’t keep talking to you.

The more you listen to and act upon what your intuition tells you, the stronger the connection you build to your heart and the easier it becomes to hear the deep messages she wants to share with you. There is a subtle resonance you will feel when you are in sync with your heart.

How do I practice? I paint. For me, painting is a direct connection - like a 220V plug to my heart.

However, practicing aside, believing in myself and my connection to Spirit strongly enough to trust what I am hearing is damn hard. Maybe that’s why She’s been sending reminders on a regular basis. I pulled the Fool card from my Tarot deck three times the week before I decided to say yes to Paris. The Fool card is an image of a person stepping off a cliff in blind faith. And I had a plethora of animals show up (see Shamanic Decoder Ring and The 2 x 4 Bunny Whack) which a good friend told me were there to give me a “chorus of trust.”

Ok, I am living in Trust. Now what?

Guts. Audacity. Daring. Spunk. What gets you off the cliff of indecision and acting upon what your heart tells you is plain and simple Courage.

  • Courage to step forward one itty bitty step.
  • Courage to stick with it despite what your mind or what others may say.
  • Courage to see it all the way through to the end.
  • Courage to own what you saying yes to AND what you are saying no to.
  • Courage to understand what you are really being asked to do.

Do you have the Courage to step off the cliff into Trust? Let me know. It's way more fun to have someone to jump with!

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