Does Being Open to Opportunity Create Adventure?

Teiffel tower tophere I was assuming this summer was going to be filled with the usual cast of characters and activities - camps and swimming and road trips and beach and all those summer things we do. Along with painting, workshops, working with you all. Then, Ms. Muse poked her head around the corner and said, you're going, aren't you?

Me (busily working on stuff and not really paying attention to her): Going where?

She: To Paris!

Me: Uh, Paris? What? No, how could I possibly do that?

She (with that smirk she gets): I bought you tickets. You're leaving in two weeks. Pack your bags.

Me: Eeeeek!

Ms. Muse says I'm in danger of spending too much timeĀ  in my head this summer. She says there is important work gestating in my heart and it needs nourishment and love and dancing and fire and painting and all that good stuff. Knowing her, she is likely right. My practical side still likes to play a strong role in my life and it can get out of hand if not watched properly. That's Ms. Muse's job.

Well, as you might imagine, this has put a bit of a bump in the schedule with regards to workshops, because you see, I AM going to Paris to paint, sketch, muse, and nourish my soul and spirit. Whoo hoo!!

Check my workshops page for updates on schedule. Pattern Walking is coming in July and Vision Plans in August!