Red Thread Woman

Red Thread WomanI’ve just completed this painting. Well, almost. I am sitting with her to see if she wants anything further. With a painting like this one, sitting is a form of self-preservation.

Why you might ask?

This painting blasted into my life demanding to manifest. She appeared on the morning I presented a large workshop at a conference. I was a tad stressed. It was also the end of an intense week of shamanic energy that left me feeling like I was being pushed, pulled, and remade.

There I was that morning, grounding myself with my morning spiritual practice and, boom, this woman appears in my consciousness flinging out her arms and streaming red threads out in every direction.

Now. Paint. Me. Now.

O-kay. I am serious about my spiritual path, however, there are times I feel a tiny bit like saying, hey, can we just hold on a minute here? I’m, uh, busy, you know?

As you might imagine, this tactic doesn’t work particularly well with Spirit. So I did the next best thing. The next morning, in a workshop in which I was a participant, I used rice paper, sumi ink, brush, and pastels to capture her essence. The act brought the tension of her demand down a notch so I could at least function without feeling her breathing down my neck.

Then, when the conference was done and I had two minutes to call my own, I got out a canvas and began painting. And listening to her message and her story.

Red Thread Woman’s story begins when old structures dissolve. As this happens, space is cleared for new structures to come into being. She holds new structure in place as it manifests until it is strong enough to stand on its own.

Someone has to hold space for these things to not just happen, but to grow strong enough to hold space on their own. And, it’s hard to hold space for yourself when transformation is underway. That’s why she has all the red thread - it is what she is using to hold everything together.

Red thread is a key element in the intentional creativity movement. Red thread symbolizes life and connection, and shows up in some form in every culture around the world. We use the red thread to begin all our creative work. We tie it on our wrists, cowgirl boots, journals, and clothes. We tug on it when we need support and send it out when someone else needs support. It holds us in connection with each other.

To have this being show up demanding to manifest with all this red thread flowing out of her was like being handed a warning and a gift in one package. Holy sheesh, if she appears in my life holding all that thread, I don’t think I want to know what’s coming down the pipeline! On the other hand, if the proverbial nasties are hitting the fan, she is the first one I want holding my hand. It’s that paradox pattern again.

Her message to me was about old structures dissolving in me, around me, in communities I was part of. When I began painting my body was heading towards the healing journey I went on a week ago to release and clear out old scars and associated emotional gunk. This created new open space inside of me on several levels. Financial burdens hanging over me began to resolve and disappear from my life. My work in the world was changing and morphing.

New structures were coming into being, fragile and exquisite. The Red Thread Nation was birthed and our SoulFire Collection launched. I came through my healing work with a new body which is still integrating all the changes. My new work is manifesting as fast as I can write and paint it. (More on that soon!!) Financial burdens are resolving in positive ways.

I have transformed and am living a new set of patterns.

Now I know for certain someone IS looking out for me. I'd like to think the next time she comes blasting in like Wonder Woman on Red Threads I'll be better prepared, however, I suspect I'll simply be happy she showed up.