Pattern Walking

pgmenu.turningpointSo you are likely asking what IS pattern walking and why do I do this work? I do this work for all the people who have come and stood in my doorway over the years. People who are not always sure why they are standing there, yet they’d stay an hour, or maybe just a moment. They kept coming back and talking to me. Looking for something I had to offer.

So, I had to ask myself. Why do they keep showing up?

The first thing I noticed when someone showed up and the conversation went in directions I didn’t expect, was that I’d respond from my heart. I found myself saying the most amazingly wise things. Clearly what these people needed to hear because they’d walk away happy, and I’d be sitting there thinking where the hell did that come from? Who was that speaking with my voice?

It was nerve-wracking. I never knew what words would come out of my mouth. Yet, I also knew that if the words came through my heart, all was well. I learned to go with the flow. I’d feel this door in my heart open and a message flow out of me into words for the person standing in my doorway.

Ok. But why me?  

I am an orthogonal thinker which means I’m very good at is looking at disparate threads and seeing connections that are not obvious. So, I used this talent of mine to dig deeper into my life.

I researched my matrilineal line and my grandmother who has the Sight, learned about the origins of culture, experienced what emerges when I fire up my right and left brain together. I learned to trust my inner senses and to understand what it means to let my heart lead in my life. I stepped fully into my artist self and begin creating visionary paintings. I left behind my hi-tech life with it’s inventions and gadgets and patents.

As I pulled apart the weave of why around this pattern in my life of people standing in my doorway, I realized I was connecting to something crucial - my passion and purpose which is to help other people figure out how to re-weave patterns in their lives.

As I realized this, I found myself connecting to something larger then myself. Something fueling my passion and sending me in directions I didn’t expect. The elusive something with many names - source, spirit, life force, muse, sacred, divine. It doesn’t matter what you call it - you know when you are connected.

I started to get excited.

The idea of working with our innate patterns to shift them into new alignments which connect us more directly into source - this is my work. Once I recognized this, it was like the universe began downloading at high speed. Suddenly, I was in the flow and everything just began snapping into place, and making sense.

The people who stand in my door now? They come in and together we unearth the patterns in their life - teasing out strands and re-weaving them into new ways of living. I use the tools of intentional creativity, painting, coaching, and pattern walking to help them shift into new alignments. And you know what? This work is soul-satisfying for those who stand in my doorway and for me.

I invite you to come stand in my doorway.