Boxes? Doorways!

altar box partly openI have to admit to not liking boxes. Never have. Put me in one and I tend to jump right back out again. Or, I change the box into a sandbox or a painting or something equally "not-box". Like the altar box photo to the right. Boxes represent structure, and structures define boundaries and provide constraints. To my creative mind, boundaries are made to be pushed, constraints to be challenged. So when someone says, oh you're an artist, right? I have this habit of hesitating before saying yes. Yes, I am an artist. And a designer, coach, teacher, site designer, workshop facilitator, and so on.

A tad too detailed, me thinks. The alternative is to say something like: yes, I work in the field of creativity. A tad too broad.

This question of boxes comes up because I am re-designing my site to better reflect my offerings and work in the world. Web sites generally work better with more detail then less. Navigation operates more smoothly. People can figure where to find things.

But, then I am back in boxes again. One for Vision Plans, paintings, coaching, and what not. Important stuff mind you! So, my response to this boxing of my skills into packages that match up to my beloveds needs is necessary. (Beloveds refers to you all out there who I serve with my work.)

So I have decided to re-frame the concept entirely! Instead of boxes, what I offer is doorways. I have always loved the magic of stepping across thresholds. People step through doors with ritual when they get married or go into a sacred place. Whenever they enter into a new, different, special space. And this idea of entering into a special space fits well with my work of connecting people to their innate creativity.

Doorways open up into new space, broad new horizons, and adventure. So the next time you find yourself in a box, think doorway. Then close your eyes, put your hand on the doorknob, slowly turn it, and step through!


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