Vision Plans On the Air!

Listen in beginning MARCH 5th!

Painting with finger, brush or?

I love it when the universe blends up new connections and weaves them together with good friends and creativity!

Today, I sat in my very good friend John Carosella's recording studio and we began a conversation about Vision Plans. What they are, where they come from inside of us, and the process of creating them. It was the beginning of a longer conversation this is going to take place over the next couple months.

We started this conversation as part of a new series on John's radio station A Shamanic Life which airs on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. I invite you to listen - live or online. You can access the radio show archive via the link above.

In my ongoing conversation with John on Vision Plans, I will be walking people through the concept and practice of a Vision Plan step by step. Complete with short journeys to vision and talk to our Muse, questions to ponder, and gentle directions on how to proceed on your own.

Sounds like FUN? Join us on the air!

Or, join me in the studio on March 23rd for a whole afternoon of Vision Planning!

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