The Soul Fire Collection at the United Nations Today!

Whoo hoo! Hot off the presses! Three of my paintings are in the Soul Fire Collection!! Read on for the WHOLE story....  

Emanating, a painting by Annette Wagner.

An Art Collection of 42 Transformational Artists Shown Today at the United Nations

THE UNITED NATIONS PLAZA, New York – March 4, 2013

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Today in New York the paintings of 42 women artists will be shown at the United Nations. This series is called The Soul Fire Collection and features 126 images in acrylic painted by women around the world. The Founder of the Color of Woman School, Shiloh Sophia McCloud will be sharing the works as a part of her presentation at the CSW 57 – The 57th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. McCloud is a part of the panel Women and Violence: Human Rights Activism Through Arts and Film sponsored by the Women’s United Nations Network (WUNRN) and the Women’s News Network (WNN).

“This series is a testament that healing and transformation are possible through intentional creativity,” says McCloud. Just 2 years ago none of these paintings existed. Eight out of 10 of the women did not even identify as artists. And look what they have created. These paintings were made with the Color of Woman method based on intentional creativity and intuitive painting in which the artist looks within for images and draws her inspiration right from the heart. These images are not only a healing journey, but the painting itself becomes an icon of what’s possible for her life and for her own self-image.

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The theme for the show is soul fire, which is a metaphor of the process of waking up to one’s life and one’s calling. The Color of Woman School asserts that to risk being self expressed is to risk being fully alive. McCloud says, “There is much work that needs to be done to end the violence, and while we are doing that it is absolutely essential for us to provide tools for healing that really work – that put the tools directly into the hands of the woman herself.”

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