The Doorway to Awakening: Encountering Your Muse

My Muse in the DoorwayI love having conversations with my Muse because they are always what I need, whether I know that or not. My Muse loves to whisper in my ear and tickle my imagination, even prod me into taking steps in directions I hadn't really been considering. (Like asking someone out on a date when that was the last thing on my mind? Yes!) Yet, no matter how many times she does these things, I never regret them. Which is why I am SO excited about my next workshop on April 20th. Elizabeth Gibbons, the Bejeweled Baroness, and I have partnered up for a full day painting and writing journey through the Doorway to meet our Muse.

We are going to paint, embellish, write and create a Doorway with our Muse with guideposts and a path way we can return to and jewels and sparkle. I can't wait to see you all there creating with me. We will be using the Color of Woman Method which is easy and fun - NO experience needed!

As Elizabeth and I have been dreaming up our workshop, we have been painting our own Doorways and Muses. Because, when you want to work with your Muse, it takes it to a whole new level when you invite her in!

Please plan to join us at the Palace of the Soul for a day of divine creation, red thread, glitter, and community!


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