Where will Bold Adventure take me this year?

on the wings of bold adventureIntention is a guiding force in my life. It shapes my paintings, how and where I spend my time, and keeps me grounded. So, it perhaps comes as no surprise that I have set an intention for this year - an overarching theme to guide me. My intention is for this year to that of Bold Adventure. I knew this was my intention for the year when I spoke it out loud and it felt scary and wild feeling. Like I was going to be asked to live up to those words or that they might just take me somewhere I didn't expect! That, my friend is a sign that Bold Adventure is exactly what this year needs to be about.

So, what is Bold Adventure all about? What is the energy of this intention? Words like exploring, finding, discovering, traveling surface. Ideas like leaving on an impromtu trip with only a pencil and a sketchbook, taking risks, opening my heart to romance, and keeping an eye open for treasure come to mind. Expanding the impact of the work I do in the world is a piece of this Bold Adventure.

When I think about Bold Adventure and the energy it brings to my life, I realize I am ready for this in my life. I have lots of teaching, coaching, training, and creating under my belt - packed in my bag so to speak. My body is healthy and even better, resilient and strong. And my creative juices are raring to go places!

Where will Bold Adventure take me this year? Anywhere I want to go! And, maybe a few amazingly wonderful places I didn't plan on? Yes!

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