Walking into Newness on the Solstice

I have just arrived back home from a Solstice labyrinth walk with my senses still wandering between this world and that. The walk was at the  new labyrinth at Sofia University with Crystal Dawn, our labyrinth facilitator (who is wonderful!). It is a blustery evening with spritzes of rain coming down and so there were only a few of us which was lovely.

I begin by invoking the darkness around me like a gestating womb  as the rain drips down on us along with the yellow leaves and seed pods from the overhanging maple trees. What am I banishing, releasing, letting go, giving away, giving up I ask myself as I stand on the stone at the start of the path. I let this thought guide my steps.

As I begin my slow walk in silence, images and feelings surface of past angers, resentment, unhealthy relationships, ways of being that are no longer who I am. Each step I take I feel these old patterns falling away like the leaves back into the earth, taken up by her to be composted and transformed. I walk around the curves with my eyes on the earth letting the feeling of letting go flow through my body, my senses, my spirit. I feel the thoughts of regrets, lost hopes, promises never kept, feelings of betrayal, of feeling unworthy and unloved falling away, the connections losing their energy, their charge, their force.

Moving into the center, I am washed clean, free of these burdens of who I am not. I have been re-creating my life over the last few years and could feel I was transforming. As I stand in the center, I know I am no longer moving into the new person I am becoming, I AM this new person. I take the power and essence of this feeling into my heart holding it there like a jewel of wonder breathing it in deeply. I am a NEW person.

Stepping out of the center, I move over to the tree in the center area and lean back on her and place my left hand on her bark. I can feel the chakra in my left palm spinning and buzzing with the energy flowing through me. It is a euphoric and grounding feeling leaning into this other being of the earth, feeling my newness.

I begin my journey back out of the labyrinth and as I walk I feel how the things I have let go become like old memories, colors all washed out, images faded, a sense that they happened to someone else long ago that I used to know but haven't seen in a long time. Like memories from an old scrapbook that I take down from time to time to laugh and sigh over. Memories that have no power over me, no connection to who I am now.

I feel new - filled with fresh energy, pure and clear like snow melt over stones, or the wind blowing through the tops of the trees in a rainstorm. I have this sense of the new person I have become, this strong, resilient, beautiful, creative woman and it fills me with peace, wonder, and love.

Happy Solstice!

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