Tapping on My Soul

There are days I feel as though I wander about my home searching, and then, it will dawn on me like a soft light reaching out to touch my heart. I need a blank canvas. I need to start again that process of visioning, creating, painting, forming, manifesting, bringing into being. Someone, something is tapping on my soul wanting entry into this world.

Today is one of those days. That tap, tap tapping vibration like a sound on the edge of my heart wanting to connect. I slowly become present and aware to the sensation, first in my body like a twitchy sort of nervousness, a need to keep moving sort of feeling. My awareness of this feeling tells me it is time to go into the silence of centered-ness and grounded-ness. The silence is the only place I can truly hear who wants to connect. The only place I can see who is tapping on my soul.

I begin my journey of vision into the place of silence to bring her forward into my reality. I begin to see, feel, grasp, intuit the form and shape and texture and color of this being-deity-spirit who wants to step onto my canvas. I can sense HER - who she is, what message she brings, her energy, her self. A neck that flows down into the earth and roots whose shoulders are the hills and feet of the tree being she is. Eyes that slowly open and look into my soul. Branches that grow out from her head like arms reaching for the sky. The red iron oxide of her roots, the cobalt blue between her branches, the sultry green around her face.

She is ready to come into being, to manifest. And so, I come back to this reality and draw forth my tools, canvas, brushes, paints. I ready myself to bring her through. The canvas is there waiting to become a portal for spirit to move through. Waiting for blessings, intention, charcoal, the water of life, the red of earth, the stroke of a brush. And I begin....

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