A weekend ago I woke up wanting to paint. I was inspired. This image of a woman's face upturned with mostly closed eyes had been surfacing all week in my thoughts. Surrounded by spirals of energy and waves of hair. Lately I have been doing lots of work around banishing thought patterns from my life based upon fear. What I call fear-thinking. Fear holds us back - it is what stops us. It hides behind our anger at the world. It saps our energy. Fear thinking is invasive and can be parasitic.

Stepping into my passion, my energy, my enthusiasm for life, means no longer subscribing to fear thinking. It does not mean I don't have fears or worries, rather that I consciously recognize when thoughts come from these fear-thinking patterns and then change my thinking and my actions accordingly.

Fear has its role in our lives - it protects us and can save our life. However, like all emotions, fear needs to be balanced out with courage and fearless action.

Following our heart's desire is a fearless action. When we follow our heart, fear flares up grabbing onto us. We must move past the grasping tendrils and into our passion. When we step into our passion, we are rewarded for moving past the fear. Our passion is what feeds us, gives us courage, and leads us onward. She is our reward.