Snakes and Winged Hearts

I am doing a bit of SPARKing this month and I painted this symbol this morning. Two snakes meeting in the middle over a heart surrounding and held in wings. My path lately seeming to be in a place of learning around balancing my feelings and my practical side. I have always had a very practical side and some folks have told me they value me for my ability to organize things. I must admit this kind of comment has rarely been received as a compliment by me. I see my practical side as an overgrown driver who doesn't know when to stop and let be. As I have moved more into the place of allowing my heart to lead, my practical side has become more out of step with the rest of me.

My practice to balance my two sides is to allow myself space to FEEL my way through choices and decisions organically. Organic time does not operate like logical time. Things do not happen in a ABC sequence. Instead, things appear before I understand what they are, or after something happens to make sense of it. But never in an order I expect.

So feeling my way through things is not what I expect. Taking time to ask myself how I feel is key; even more important is to savor the feeling so it can bring me understanding and messages. The biggest issue is to allow myself the space to do this while recognizing and being aware of when my driving practical voice is sneaking into the conversation. To learn the time and place where being practical supports my path forward, and where it does not.

It takes time and patience. This stuff is work! The reward is well worth it. I am finding that when I make choices from a place of balance, the results of those choices are positive and sustaining. So here is to snakes and winged hearts!

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