Goose and The Call of the Quest

Talking sticks made to match the energy of your creativity. On July 4th I declared a quest to gather the tools I need to merge my life and spirit work into my soul work. This quest is one I am doing with lots of other Cosmic Cowgirls and yet it is all my own - which is how quests work.

A few weeks before beginning my quest, on one of my many walks out at the Bay Lands, two goose feathers appeared. I found them on my path about 1/2 mile apart yet they are a matched pair. I only bring feathers home if they clearly want to come home and when I asked, these did.

I took them home and put them on my counter next to a mottled and beautiful piece of driftwood that insisted on coming home with me from Grandmother Ocean not long before the goose feathers arrived. Then they sat - until today.

This morning I headed out for an early morning walk at the Bay Lands. It was gray when I arrived and nicely cool. The birds were mostly quiet and the tide was out. I noticed a gaggle of geese next to the trail on the way out. They chortled and chuckled at me as I walked by and I greeted them in return and kept walking.

On my way back, two of the geese had walked up onto the trail. I slowed to let them cross if that was their desire. Instead they turned and looked at me chortling and chuckling and talking. I hesitated. The entire group was down on the side of the trail. No one else was around. I tried walking forward but they stood their ground talking to me.

Ok. One of the lessons I have learned walking the path of female shamanism is when this kind of thing happens, someone is sending a message. I have on occasion been fairly dense at figuring this out in the past, however, I hope I am getting better. One never knows. In this case, I stood and listened. Then, thanking the geese, walked carefully and slowly by them as they made their way back off the trail.

I received an image of the two feathers and stick made into a prayer or talking stick. Dangling feathers, red thread, and other symbols on the stick and hanging off of it.

Upon my return home, I looked up the symbology of goose and there it was: Goose is about the Call of the Quest, Travels to Legendary Places, communicating through stories, that there is one special person for us, and being open to new directions and new paths.

Ok. And all this was sitting on my counter for the last month or so. I gave myself a solid minute to feel like a real dork for not looking up the symbology when the feathers came home, and then sent that set of thoughts right on out the door. Things happen when they need to happen.

So, I begin. I have gathered red thread, feathers, glitter, stick and various tools and am working on my prayer stick. One of the tools I asked for is coming into being.

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