Can you hear metamorphosis?

Can You Hear Metamorphosis? © 2012 Annette Wagner. She is listening with her eyes closed to the message of the butterfly. It is telling her in the softest of tones about the magic of metamorphosis. About how you transform again and again, changing form and shape and being until you become a jeweled butterfly. About the moment in which your old self has dissolved and your new self is not yet present – the moment of essential creation.

She is listening because one day she will transform too, just like the butterfly.

Here is her poem:

Can you hear metamorphosis? whispering in your ear telling you stories of transformation each word changing and forming the next from sounds to syllables to legend

Can you hear metamorphosis? blood sweetly rushing through paper-thin veins capturing sunlight and color and softly warming her body as they murmur of brilliance and sparkle

Can you hear metamorphosis? as she spreads her wings sighing deeply as breath fills her chest glimmers and musings of what she will become pulsing through her veins

Can you hear metamorphosis? her wings rustling as they dry gently scraping and moving and shifting preparing to lift and carry her into the unknown realms of her soul.

(C) 2012 Annette Wagner.

Acrylic on canvas 30 x 24 inches. Gallery wrap, unframed. © 2012 Annette Wagner. All Rights Reserved.

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