Dreams DO come true

When I was five years old I had a dream - I wanted more than anything else to grow up and be an artist. For a variety of reasons, I turned away from this path and did not pursue it. But, secretly, buried in my heart, I harbored a dream of one day standing in a gallery at a reception honoring my work.

What captured my heart was being a real live artist. For years, I told myself I didn’t have the talent, the time, the money - you name the excuse and I made it. I had a kid. I had a job. I felt my creativity dying inside of me bit by bit as the years passed.

One day someone handed me a key and I opened the door of my heart and this suppressed desire came screaming and crying out of my heart. I could no longer ignore the pain I was causing myself by repressing my need to express myself via my art. I had to follow the call in my heart, and so I did.

I have spent the last several years putting one foot in front of the other as I move through major transformation. Creating a new life for myself in which I fully honor myself as an artist has been intense and hard and scary. Today, I sat still and took a long look at where I am right now, here, today.

I woke up today and went downstairs to my studio. I put on my painting shirt and picked up my palette and brushes and painted an amazing painting. I spent part of the day figuring out how to layout my paintings for my show at the AWE Gallery. I wrote the stories for each painting. I varnished paintings and worked on frames. 

My first major show at a gallery with many new paintings opens August 4th. I never thought my dream would come true and, yet, it has. I am living my dream! It brings tears to my eyes. I really truly am a real live artist. Wow.

I have been immensely lucky and perhaps more than a bit determined. I am incredibly thankful to my teachers who pushed, nurtured, and listened and kept pointing the way, especially Shiloh and Sue and Judy.

Please join me at the reception for my show - it means a great deal to me to share the experience with all of you!

And, I know each and every one of has a dream in your heart. Nurture and feed those dreams. They CAN come true!!

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