What do I believe about my art?

A dear friend, Havi, recently posted an question to her fellow artists. What are our core beliefs and how do they inform our art. A very insightful way of drawing out what inspires and motivates our art. Here are my answers....

1. We are all creative beings and have the capacity to create. Sometimes we lose this connection or it is damaged, yet, the capacity to create always remains.

2. Healing the connection to our own creativity heals the connection we have to each other. Healing the connection to each other heals our connection to our mother, the earth and the web of life that connects all of us.

3. When I create, I am connecting to the Divine. I hold space for that which wants to manifest in this world. I am the doorway through which it is birthed.

4. Art created via a connection to the Divine is sacred and healing to our culture, however challenging or loving it may be. It has the capacity to shift our perspective and bring us messages. We do not need to hear or see these messages consciously for them to heal us.

By the way, that lovely creature above is my latest Muse painting. She is my Punk Muse or maybe Angel in a Dark Alley. Haven't quite decided yet on her name.

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