Mother's Day Prayer

One of the facts I find fascinating is that when my mother was growing in her mother’s womb, all the eggs in her ovaries formed. I was born out of one of those eggs which means I was in my grandmother’s womb too.

Today is the day we honor our mothers - all of our mothers. I see this as a day to honor my matrilineal line: my daughter Eleanor to me to my mother Leoda to her mother Shirley and on back in the line of mothers.

I honor my mothers for the love they surrounded me in,
For the words they gave me guiding my thoughts and actions even today.
For the womb I grew in and was born from.
For the container they held me in as I grew.
I honor the times of anger and challenge and butting heads.
I honor the striving my mothers went through to bring me to this place.
I honor the children who were born and the ones who died.
I honor them for doing the best they knew how to do to raise me.
Thank you Mothers.
May you be ever blessed.
I ask for your blessings up on me as I raise my daughter.
On the words I give her to guide her in her life.
On the container I hold her in with love and strength.
On the red thread connecting all of us.
Thank you.