Living your Dreams

There are many things I do in my life and the most important are the actions I take to live my dreams. To nurture them into manifestation. To follow my passion and my joy. Bringing dreams into reality makes me feel alive and keeps me wondering and curious about the world. Open to opportunity and life.

My painting above, Stand in the Light, is my graduation painting from the Color of Woman Method by Shiloh Sophia McCloud. In the painting, the being is carrying on her head her own book of Wisdom with all the lessons she has learned. These lessons shape and form who she is in the world; they are her Light. She wears Armadillo on her body who enables her to have strong boundaries. Boundaries are about defining how we see ourselves as much as they are about protecting us. Together

It is with these thoughts and intentions that my next workshop will center around. Garden of My Heart: Growing Our Dreams is an afternoon devoted to building an altar to our dreams to give them space to come to fruition in our lives. I invite you to join me for an intimate in-the-studio workshop on June 17th from 1-5pm.