Painting with YOUR Muse!

I am very jazzed about my latest workshop - I am teaching a one-day painting class based on the Color of Woman painting method on May 19th! Its called Painting with YOUR Muse.

Teaching using this method is amazing and transformative and downright FUN!! It fills me with joy to watch students - with no prior experience at all - paint these amazing paintings. What is so cool is when someone walks in with this idea they are not creative and through the process they create a gorgeous painting and walk back out knowing they ARE creative. It heals so much inside of oneself to connect to your creativity.

This is my goal in the world - to work to shift our relationship with each other and ourselves through re-connecting to our creativity. I watched a TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert where she spoke about the relationship we have in Western culture with creativity. Where artists are expected to suffer - which is entirely horse manure and only deserves to be plowed under.

The Muse is real and does exist. And when we acknowledge our relationship to our muse and welcome her into our lives, creation becomes a completely different process filled with joy. Yes, there is work involved as there is anything we do that is transformational. Good work. Come and find out for yourself at my workshop!

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