Golden tree snake dancer?

My latest painting does not yet have a name, however, she most definitely has presence! She is not quite done yet - more details are coming into being.

The cosmos is taking form behind the snakes emerging from the right side of her mind and traveling down and around and back into her body. The snakes are twined into the golden tree leg growing up her right leg. What is all this about? Healing. Right side of mind is the intuitive side. Right side of body is the "masculine".

When I originally injured my hip flexors in 2009 and de-stabilized my pelvic girdle (the foundation of my body!), I asked for healing and Snake was put into my body to reconstruct me. This is about that healing coming full circle. Not only am I rebuilding my hip flexor musculature at the moment, more spiritual healing is taking place in the merging of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in my body. I love the dancing feel of this painting and visualize it manifesting more dancing in my future!

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