Walking Crazy

Two days ago I went on a shamanic journey to the Lower World. It is full moon, there are tons of solar flares, and the cards suggested this is good time to manifest my wishes. What did I want to manifest I wondered. So, I went looking for guidance.

I started off my usual way of traveling to Black Walnut Tree Goddess who told me how She is now more in the spirit world and how there is no need to grieve that She is gradually leaving the middle world.

I thanked Her and headed down my path rattling, clearing, and widening my path with clarity and strength as I went. As I rounded the last corner, I sang to the crystal people in the cave before I stepped out into the Lower World.

I was greeted by Wolf who stood up on her back legs and looked me in the eye. I felt the snakes in my body moving under my skin and remember thinking thats why I have been hissing in the middle world. They are on the move.

I heard Hawk crying Her song above, Horse neighing somewhere out in the long grass, and Bear in the river, growling to herself. I walked with Wolf down the dirt path between the grass and the river towards the hill. As we walked between the river and the hill, the path lead us into a forest of trees.

We came to a huge trunk covered with smooth, golden bark - an immense serene tree with green gold leaves way, way up there. Wolf laid me back against the tree trunk standing up.

The injury to my right hip in 2009 has returned in recent months asking to be healed from the base up. The hip never healed all the way before; it only healed enough for me to keep going. Other things needed to heal first.

Suddenly, as I lay there, I feel this mass of snakes emerging from my head moving from the right side to the left side and out, female energy, arcing outward and down the left side of my body. The snakes are tangled, hissing, weaving in and out, and crackling with power as they reach downward towards my left hip where they enter my body again. It feels like a massive river of pure energy roaring through me.

I stand away from the tree and look down. My right leg is a golden, springy, young, new tree with smooth gold bark. It works just like my leg with a knee joint and feels completely capable of taking on the task of being my leg. I try it out.

In the hip joint, I see a diagonal line of muscles, like a cut edge, where the snakes are coming in from one side and the tree is coming in from the bottom and where the two are merging and reconstructing my body. I sense the work is not done yet but when it is done it will be stronger then before.

This was two days ago and the roaring of power through my head and out and down and through my hip has not lessened. Today, on the full moon, it is louder and clearer.

This is one those ‘side effects’ of walking a shamanic path. I feel like I am walking crazy, like there are two pairs of me in my body. Which is true, there are - one in the mundane world trying to pay bills and drive to the bank and one hearing Crow, hissing Snake energy, and feeling this mass of snakes moving in and out of my body, and the tree leg with the smooth golden bark.

Time to go paint. It's the best medicine I know...

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