Patience, Respect, Boundaries, Messages, and Wisdom.

Last night I did a pathways spread with my medicine wheel cards to clarify where I am at right now in my life. I love using divination to cast light on the patterns of energies surrounding me. I think of it as lighting a lantern in the night and discovering another piece of the mysterious path I walk.

East is the direction of spiritual strength and the spiritual direction I am moving in. The animal spirit that came was Ant. Ant is a community minded creature and works for the good of the whole. The energy Ant brings is patience and trust. Be patient and I will be rewarded and have what I need.

South is speaks about what my inner child is being taught and what I need to trust in myself. Skunk is the card I drew. The confidence with which Skunk wanders through life comes from a profound self-respect as well as the respect with which other animals treat her. Its about how the carriage of my body reflects what I believe about myself. What I believe about myself is my ultimate protection. It is also about asserting myself without ego.

West presents the internal solution to my present challenges and who did I draw but Armadillo. Armadillo is about boundaries - about defining my space, saying no, honoring my time, and choosing the experiences I wish to have as part of my life. Negative criticisms and disapproval roll off Armadillo's armored back.

North presents the animal spirit who helps me integrate the lessons of the other directions. My old friend Hawk appeared in this direction. Hawk is the messenger of spirit and to hear that message one must be observant, aware, and open to receiving signals, omens, and signs. Hawk tells me to circle high over my life and examine what I see. Hawk is the key to walking my wisdom.

The center is called the Sacred Mountain and the animal spirit who comes is about who I am right now in the present moment. Amusingly, Owl appeared. Owl is Wisdom in all her aspects. Owl, a creature of the night, flies on silent wings and is about understanding deception, both being deceived and seeing through deception. The message is to use my powers of observation to intuit the whole truth of the life situation I am in. Owl is magic and clairvoyance.

Clarity I asked for and clarity I received. Be patient and I will be rewarded. Believe in myself and let the energy of that belief permeate throughout my body and inform how I carry myself in the world. Set boundaries and honor my time and my choices. Use my armor to shed those negative words that are not mine. Be observant. Pay attention and be open to messages. Look at the big picture and walk in Wisdom, flying silently on my wings when need be.

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