Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice!

After the long dark of the autumn, the sun is returning. The "child" is born again from the mother's womb. I am always a bit surprised by the intensity of the dark, especially at the end. I think because I go into the clear dark as if I were in a womb. There is always some part of my life that needs gestating whether I am conscious of it or not. And being unconscious of it is the more likely case as things that grow in the dark, like babies, are intuitive and organic and have their own way of being.

For me, the coming new year is one of focus. Of taking all I have learned and bringing it out into the world. Of gratitude for the teachings that have come to me, the community of friends who support me, and the life I live of abundance and opportunity.

This morning I drew the Wheel of Fortune card. This is my year card so I chuckled seeing it show up. The third card was an Ace of Discs. Good fortune, good luck, and gifts are coming my way - I hope around manifesting more and more of my lifework. The son of Swords, the second card and not upright, a reminder to release the old patterns of being overly rational and step into the flow of my path and to remember to trust.

May your Solstice be filled with light and joy, your holidays bright and merry, and your new year filled with abundance and love.

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