We are the Altars We Create

This came to me this morning via my fellow Altarista Catherine. We are truly the altars we create!


November 6, 2009
by Grover Cleveland

Altars. Women’s altars.
Altars of peace, of beauty,
Of everydayness, of family.
Altars of whimsy and strength,
Of presence and escape.

Altars to what we love,
To whom we love,
To whom we are now,
To the discovery of
Who we are becoming.

Women’s altars to honor
Ourselves, our lives,
Our spirits, our lineages,
Our families and loved ones,
The known and unknown.

We assemble the altars out of
Our hearts, guts and spirits.
However consciously or
Whimsically, they are made
Of the stuff of us, what matters.

Disassembling them, we bring
Them back inside ourselves,
Integrating and absorbing
What we have externally
Observed and honored.

We are the altars we create.
Altars. Women as altars.

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