Woman with head of fire

I am in the midst of training as a teacher of the Color of Women method. One of the homework assignments has been to paint our personal version of the Lady of the Divine Spark which I have almost completed as you can see above. I started this painting before I went off to the first weekend get together for our training where I met all my other sisters-in-painting and had an amazing and wonderful time.

After the weekend of training, I returned to this painting and realized the energy of the painting had entirely changed. (Ifyou look down a couple blog posts, you can see an early sketch.) What had been a trickle of connection with something had become a flood with the gates torn off their hinges and look out here she comes! What was on the canvas before was not what wanted to be painted now.

At first I thought she was of the "head on fire" persona, however, as the painting progressed she manifested not as 'on fire' but 'of fire'. She is pure creative fire. I find it highly amusing that the day and evening I spent painting her culminated in a rare lightening storm - as if she has so much energy it lit up the sky. Divine Spark indeed!

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